October 30, 2015
Maine’s Echo Lake Among Ten Best Lakes for Swimming in the United States

Maine’s Echo Lake Among Ten Best Lakes for Swimming in the United States

Find Your Own Paradise on Paradise Pond, Damariscotta, Maine   Maine”s Echo Lake Among Ten Best Lakes for Swimming in the United States   As lakefront property owners, we all know that Maine has numerous hidden gems, including our favorite swimming spots. Though we may like […]
July 10, 2015

Courtesy Boat Inspections Important to Maine Lakefront Property Owners

Pemaquid Pond and Biscay Pond in the Midcoast Lakes Region of Maine When you launch your boat at the ramp near your Maine lakefront property, we trust you’ll partake in a Courtesy Boat Inspection. Lakefront Properties For Sale on Pemaquid Pond View Vacation Rentals on Pemaquid […]
January 22, 2015
Maine Boaters Heed No Wake and Headway Speed Zones

Maine Boaters Heed No Wake and Headway Speed Zones

Twilight Descends Upon Damariscotta Lake in Midcoast Maine by Leigh Macmillen HayesImagine yourself sitting on the dock at your Maine lakefront property or standing on your paddle board in the lake, when . . . VROOM. A boat zooms by at half throttle creating a wake […]
September 11, 2014

Pemaquid Watershed Association Protects Lakefront Properties in Midcoast Maine

photo credit: Karen Berg Pemaquid Pond Flowing Into Biscay Pond in the Midcoast Region of Maine by Leigh Macmillen Hayes Stretching from Nobleboro to Bremen, Maine, lakefront property owners delight in the fact that Pemaquid Lake (aka Pemaquid Pond) encompasses 1,537 acres. It’s about seven miles […]
February 24, 2013

Hikes In and Around Damariscotta/Newcastle, Maine

Beautiful Biscay Pond in Damariscotta, Maine The twin towns of Damariscotta and Newcastle, located along the Damariscotta River in Mid Coast Maine, offer breathtaking views from many vantage points. Hikes in this region will take you from forestland to marshes and pastures, as well as along […]
February 17, 2013

Paradise Pond, Damariscotta, Maine: Serene Setting for On The Pond Lakefront Property Owners

Serene Water on Paradise Pond, Damariscotta, Maine Paradise Pond (aka Muddy Pond) in Damariscotta, Maine, can be just that for lakefront property owners–a piece of paradise. The picturesque, serene setting offers endless possibilities for those who enjoy the “on the pond” lifestyle. Lakefront Properties For Sale […]
January 17, 2013

Duckpuddle Pond, Nobleboro & Waldoboro, Maine: Remote Lakefront Property in Mid-Coast Maine

Invigorating Water Awaits in Mid-Coast Maine Duckpuddle Pond in Nobleboro and Waldoboro, Maine provides a remote setting close to all that  Mid-Coast Maine has to offer along the Route 1 corridor. Lakefront property owners enjoy exploring among the pickerel weeds and cattails inhabited by the wildlife […]
July 18, 2012

The Mid-Coast Region of Maine

Megunticook Lake in the Mid-Coast Region of Maine The Mid-Coast Region of Maine is known all over the world for windjammer cruises, lobster bakes, and lighthouses. What is less well-known about the area is that there are a number of beautiful lakes and ponds, which give […]
April 15, 2012

Long Pond, Somerville & Windsor, Maine: Share BBQ or Boiled Lobster at Your Lakefront Home

The Inviting Crystal Clear Water of Long Pond in Somerville, Maine Long Pond in Somerville and Windsor, Maine, was once known as Patricktown Pond. Located an hour and a quarter from Portland and three hours from Boston, the crystal clear waters invite you to sip your […]