Camp Wazi

September 19, 2010

Waterford, Maine, the Quintessential New England Town in the Sebago Lakes Region

Sunset over Keoka Lake in Waterford  Waterford, Maine, certainly has plenty of water to ford, including Keoka Lake and Five Kezars, Papoose, McWain, Bear, Duck, and Little Moose Ponds.  Located along Routes 35, 37 and 118, the villages of Waterford are nestled in the rolling hills of western […]
October 16, 2009

McWain Pond in Waterford, Maine: Rich in History, Wildlife and Recreation

A Kayaker Enjoys Solitude On McWain Pond in Waterford, Maine The perfect lakefront getaway location in the Sebago Lakes Region is McWain Pond nestled, in the hills of Waterford, Maine. Formally known as Long Pond, it is approximately 445 acres and has no public access. The […]