Waterford Flats

June 19, 2015
White Pine Needle Cast Raises Questions in Maine

White Pine Needle Cast Raises Questions in Maine

Morning Sun on Keoka Lake, Waterford, Maine by Leigh Macmillen HayesAs a Maine lakefront property owner, you may be acutely aware that in recent weeks pine needles have been turning brown and shedding in significant numbers.Driving near Keoka Lake in Waterford recently, it seemed like all […]
July 7, 2013

Lakes Environmental Association of Bridgton, Maine, Adds New Focus to Water Quality Testing

Kayaking Keoka Lake in Waterford, Maine Lakes Environmental Association’s (LEA) Executive Director Peter Lowell recently announced the latest research they are conducting on the lakes they test in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine: Iron and Aluminum in lake sediments; and Gloeotrichia. Iron and Aluminum in […]
March 19, 2010

Let Bear Pond in Waterford, Maine, Renew Your Spirit

The ice slowly melts on Bear Pond in Waterford Nestled in the western Maine Lakes and Mountains Region is Bear Pond in historic Waterford. Bear Pond is located only a mile and a half from Waterford Flats, the quaint center of Waterford where most of the […]
July 6, 2009

Summer Visitors Enjoy Historic Waterford Flat and Keoka Lake

Located along Routes 35, 37 and 118, the three villages of Waterford, Maine are nestled in the rolling hills of western Maine. There are several pretty bodies of water in Waterford – Papoose, McWain, Bear, Duck and Little Moose Ponds to name the prominent ponds. In […]