Maine lakes

April 29, 2012

Maine Lakes Through the Seasons

Sunset on Refreshing Sebago Lake Lakefront property owners who monitor Maine lakes for water quality testing from May through September, use a dissolved oxygen meter and sensing probe to determine the water temperature and oxygen at every meter. Cold water contains more oxygen than warm water. […]
October 13, 2011

Time Stands Still on Kezar Pond in Fryeburg, Maine

Kezar Pond is a Hidden Gem in Fryeburg, Maine Nestled between Mount Tom, Smarts Hill and Knights Hill is Kezar Pond in Fryeburg, Maine. Time stands still when you live at your lakefront property on this hidden gem in the Sebago Lakes Region. Lakefront Properties For […]
February 25, 2009

Maine Lakefront Property Offers Value in a Down Market

Even though we got pasted with a huge dump of snow a few days ago, I can say without reservation that spring is within sight. I have seen robins all winter long and a neighbor told me he saw a bluebird. Can spring be far behind? […]
February 18, 2008

Maine Lakes Close to Boston? Try the Sanford Lakes Area

The Sanford Lakes Area is in northwest York County, Maine’s southern most county. It is the lakes area that is closest to Boston in both mileage and minutes. This lakes area gets its name from the Town of Sanford which is the regional shopping area for […]