Papoose Pond

November 20, 2014
Ice 101 for Maine Lakefront Property Owners

Ice 101 for Maine Lakefront Property Owners

Ice on Bear Pond in Quintessential Waterford, Maine by Leigh Macmillen HayesIce. The great protector. As a lakefront property owner, have you ever thought about it that way?   Lakefront Properties For Sale in Waterford       View Vacation Rentals on Bear Pond   I […]
October 23, 2011

Papoose Pond, North Waterford, Maine: Natural Beauty Awaits

Fall Colors Reflect on Papoose Pond in North Waterford, Maine Lakefront real estate on Papoose Pond in North Waterford offers natural beauty in the lakes and mountains region of Maine. Lakefront Properties For Sale on Papoose Pond View Vacation Rentals on Papoose Pond Papoose Pond is […]
July 6, 2009

Summer Visitors Enjoy Historic Waterford Flat and Keoka Lake

Located along Routes 35, 37 and 118, the three villages of Waterford, Maine are nestled in the rolling hills of western Maine. There are several pretty bodies of water in Waterford – Papoose, McWain, Bear, Duck and Little Moose Ponds to name the prominent ponds. In […]