January 19, 2012

Lake Wesserunsett, Madison, Maine: Home to Lakewood Theater

Lake Wesserunsett in Madison, Maine The natural beauty of Madison, Maine, is enhanced by the Kennebec River and Lake Wesserunsett.  Lakefront property owners enjoy the panoramic waterfront and mountain views. Lakefront Properties For Sale on Lake Wesserunsett View Vacation Rentals on Lake Wesserunsett The region’s history […]
June 20, 2010

Relax and Recharge on Lake Wesserunsett in the Belgrade Lakes Region town of Madison

The serene waters of Lake Wesserunsett in Madison, Maine Lake Wesserunsett in Madison, Maine, is fringed with birch and pine trees. Four outlets and a couple of marshy areas enhance this relatively flat, shallow basin. The lake covers 1,446 acres and has a maximum depth of […]