November 8, 2008

Maine Lakefront Real Estate – Higher Prices in the Spring?

Lakefront prices are down right now but could they be higher in the Spring? No one has a crystal ball but if we look at history, some lakefront properties will cost more in the Spring. Recently, in response to a blog posting, Brad Johnson, a reader, […]
November 4, 2008

Maine Waterfront Property – Septic System Design and Construction

Here’s another installment on some basics about septic systems. How do I get a septic system designed and constructed? There are four steps to designing and building a septic system: 1. The system must be designed by a professional known as a Licensed Site Evaluator. Site […]
September 23, 2008

Maine Lakefront Real Estate – Lakefront Lots at Bargain Prices!

Mr. Lakefront does not usually make it a practice to promote the sale of other agents listings. I have an obligation to my sellers to promote their properties. However, we do care about getting our lakefront buyer clients great deals, whoever has the listing. Occasionally, some […]
March 9, 2008

Maine Waterfront Property on Long Lake, Harrison – Looking at Attributes

Here’s a recent listing that came to my attention that I thought I’d share. I happen to live near this place and know the lake pretty well. This two bedroom camp may not be the Taj Mahal, but what it lacks in size it makes up […]
March 7, 2008

A Laker’s Dozen – Tips For Maine Waterfront Property Owners

13 Ways You Can Help the Lake I was checking out the latest newsletter from our friends at the Worromontogus Lake Association in the Augusta area and came across this great list of things Maine waterfront property owners can do to help their lake. I’ve seen […]
March 6, 2008

Looking North for Maine Waterfront Real Estate – Moosehead

The Moosehead Region of Maine is dominated by the enormity of Moosehead Lake – the largest lake east of the Mississippi contained in one state. Moosehead Lake stretches 40 miles from south to north, is 20 miles wide, and has a surface area of over 75,000 […]
March 4, 2008

Cheer Up Maine Waterfront Property Buyers! Spring Is Coming!

This time of year can be hard on a Maine waterfront real estate buyer. There’s a blanket of snow covering that sandy beach, there are no loons laughing and calling, and summer seems a long way off. What’s a buyer to do? Well, this is no […]
March 2, 2008

Mid-Coast Maine – The Best of Both Worlds For Maine Waterfront Real Estate Buyers

The Mid-Coast Region of Maine is known all over the world for windjammer cruises, lobster bakes, and lighthouses. What is less well-known about the area is that there are a number of beautiful lakes and ponds which give freshwater lovers great places to boat, fish, and […]
February 28, 2008

Naples Swing Bridge Fix May Affect Local Waterfront Real Estate Owners

The Naples Causeway Bridge controversy continues to generate a lot of discussion in this lake region community. The Maine Dept. of Transporatation has now scheduled a meeting to promote their fixed bridge plan, which has many Naples waterfront business owners and area residents up in arms. […]